The Revitalize “Sports Analysis Lab” – helping athletes recover from injuries faster

I am SO excited to share this news with you! After years of developing this and countless hours of learning, tweaking, and practicing, we are launching our official Revitalize Sports Analysis Lab!  Our goal is to help athletes resolve injuries quickly and perform without pain.  From our experience, the vast majority of sports injuries are related to how and why you are moving.  Having muscle imbalances or restrictions can affect your movement during sport, leading to injury over time.

So what exactly is the Sports Analysis Lab?

Improper movements during your sport skill can be subtle and often times, unable to be seen by the naked eye.  We utilize slow motion video analysis and thorough evaluation to assess body mechanics, muscle activation patterns, and sport-specific movements in order to better identify imbalances, physical limitations and muscle weaknesses.  This allows us to get to the root cause of your injury in order to get you better faster.

This is how it works:

The athlete comes into the office and meets with one of our physical therapists and undergoes a thorough evaluation.  During the evaluation we look at flexibility, strength, any area experiencing pain or discomfort, and the soft tissue and joints.  Then, we take the athlete through a series of movements related to their posture and everyday activities.  This is because often times the activities we do regularly such as sitting at a desk, can affect how you are performing in your sport and say, sitting on a bike.

After the full evaluation, we have you warmup for a few minutes then begin recording your sport skill whether it is running, biking, golfing or pitching.  At your next session, we review the video analysis in slow motion and provide you a handout of the pertinent findings.  At this point, we may need to make adjustments to your equipment or technique.  Most of the time, we provide our athletes with specific exercises and drills that address the limitations and dysfunctions found during the evaluation and analysis.  Often times, athletes have restrictions that may require a little more help so we will work with them one on one to resolve these restrictions.  Overall, everything works towards getting rid of pain and keeping you active, doing what you love!

One of the reasons our Sports Analysis Lab is different from other video analysis services is based on our knowledge and skill level as Doctors of Physical Therapy.  This allows us to look at the athlete completely and get to the root cause of the issue.  For example, if you are a runner that is pronating and having knee pain, it is important to look at the whole body rather than just at the feet.  Often times there are imbalances at the pelvis that are contributing to the knee pain and pronation of the foot.

The second way we are different is because we specialize in working with female athletes and have advanced certifications in women’s health physical therapy.  Let me explain…

The pelvic floor is one of the main stabilizers of the trunk and pelvis and is crucial in providing support and strength through the core.  Female athletes are unique based on their anatomical differences and body mechanics and these change throughout their life with hormonal changes and/or childbirth.  Being a female athlete myself, I often find it difficult to find the right support from equipment and healthcare providers that understand these differences.  Just as an example, I buy men’s gear for cycling and motocross because the female gear NEVER fits well (and is often times too pink and frilly which isn’t my style 🙂 ).  I know firsthand how these changes are often overlooked and not addressed, particularly with pelvic floor and core dysfunction, and our unique knowledge base at Revitalize PT allows us to help female athletes in a capacity that hasn’t been done before.

Want to learn more about our Sports Analysis Lab and how we are revolutionizing care for female athletes?  Watch our video about it here or below.

To celebrate the launch of this program, we are having a party!  The launch party will be on Friday, June 23rd from 6-8:00 PM at our office in Hales Corners.  We will have food, drink and a live demonstration at 6:30 PM as well as some of our colleagues from the sports world.  The party is free to attend and anyone is welcome but we do ask that you RSVP by registering for a ticket for the event.  There is also a VIP ticket option for only $18 that will include a swag bag filled with multiple goodies and a special discount offer on a sports analysis from us.  It is well worth your money, especially if you want to perform without injuries!  You can RSVP and purchase a VIP ticket here.

Can’t wait to celebrate this with you and I am looking forward to helping our local athletes in a new way!  Feel free to comment below with any questions or just let us know how excited you are to come check it out 🙂

Dr. Brenda

9 thoughts on “The Revitalize “Sports Analysis Lab” – helping athletes recover from injuries faster”

  1. I had no idea injuries were so common in sports, as i never had the issue, but I believe Warm Up is the best way to reduce injury chances.

    By the way, Great post, very informative.

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