Case Study – How Katie Stopped Having Pain After Baby

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I want to share a story with you today about a client of mine named Katie (name changed for client privacy) who was able to put an end to pain after baby and how she inspired me to create the Postpartum Recovery Course.

I met Katie about a year ago when she attended my “Healthy Pelvic Floor” workshop. At the time, she was 5 months postpartum with her son and was having difficulty getting back to her “old self” (if that’s even a thing after becoming a mom).  

The thing is, she was having a lot of pain during intercourse with her husband. And in the 5 months since having her baby, she had been told so many different things about returning to sex.

Like “just have another glass of wine” or “just relax more and take a bubble bath” or “give it more time”.  

But she only became more and more frustrated as time passed and nothing changed. At my workshop that she attended, she learned all about scar tissue from any tearing during childbirth and how the pelvic floor muscles can tighten up and cause pain.

All of these things made so much sense to her, but it was the first time she had ever been told this information.  After the workshop, she came up to me and asked more questions about her issues and if it was normal to still be having pain at 5 months postpartum (the answer to that is NO).

So she and I began to work together to break up scar tissue, relax the tightened pelvic floor muscles, and teach her how to maintain this at home. She was finally able to return to sex without pain and actually enjoy that time with her husband.  So much so that she’s now pregnant with baby #2! 🙂

But one of the things that Katie would tell me during our sessions is, “Why don’t more women know about this?” and “Why do providers not tell you that there are options?” She always said that she wished she had found me much sooner and wouldn’t have had to suffer for over 5 months.

Her story has always stuck with me, and I hear similar stories ALL THE TIME at the office. This is what inspired me to create the “Postpartum Recovery Course” in order to spread this information to more women so they don’t have to suffer like Katie.  

I wanted women to be able to not only learn about the most common “mom issues” such as incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse and painful sex, but to become educated on they can do for these issues. So many women think that this is a normal part of becoming a mother.

But it is NOT normal and is NOT something to just live with.

So if you are a new mom or perhaps had a baby a while ago but are still experiencing pain or embarrassing issues, I hope you join me in the Postpartum Recovery Course.

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