The Revitalize Woman Podcast – EP00 (Trailer)

Welcome to The Revitalize Woman Podcast! We are so excited to launch this women's health podcast and want to encourage you to subscribe so you know whenever a new podcast is live.

The podcast will bring Milwaukee-based health and wellness professionals together to talk about all things related to women’s health.  We will cover topics related to pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic floor dysfunction, mom life, hormones, mental health, menopause, fitness and sex.

Each episode will help you answer the most common questions about these topics, provide you with top local recommendations, and give you solutions to common lady and mom issues.  Our goal for this women's health podcast is to provide you with the best information in order to make knowledgeable decisions and to live a healthy, active life without issues!

Stay tuned for the first episode coming soon on October 22nd!

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