EP01 – When to do kegels and when NOT to

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When to do kegels and when NOT to

Have you ever been confused about when to do kegels and when to avoid them? On this episode, I will explain everything there is to know about kegels.  Women ask me all the time at the office if they really need to be doing kegels regularly and how do they know if they are doing them correctly. And I feel that the “advice” that is given out regularly to women for fixing their issues is to “do more kegels.” 

However, for some women, kegels could actually be making their issues worse. Or, if they aren’t doing them properly, they could be creating more problems for themselves. In this episode, I help clarify when to do kegels, how to do them properly, why they are important, and when you should NOT do kegels.

Show Notes:

  • [1:15] What is a kegel? 
  • [2:35] and [4:55] Learn how to do a kegel the right way without cheating!  When you do a kegel properly, the pelvic floor should squeeze and lift. There shouldn’t be any compensations from the thighs or glutes and you shouldn’t be bearing down.
  • [3:20] An overview of the anatomy of the pelvis and the function of the pelvic floor
  • [4:00] How does the pelvic floor work together with the other muscles of the “core”
  • [5:10] The most common ways of doing kegels incorrectly
  • [7:05] Learn why doing kegels while going on the toilet are bad and why “stopping the flow of urine” only activates the first and second layer of the pelvic floor
  • [9:45] What is an overactive pelvic floor and why kegels are bad if you have one
  • [12:55] How do I know if my pelvic floor is weak or overactive and how do I know if I should NOT do kegels

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