EP02 – Changing Hormones & the Impact on Your Pelvic Floor

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How do your changing hormones impact pelvic floor health and function?

Women tell me all the time that they didn’t realize so many of their symptoms and issues that they had dealt with for years, stemmed from changing hormones.  When estrogen levels begin to decrease in the perimenopause stage, as early as age 35-40 years old, it has a big effect on all of the systems within your body.  Many women don’t realize that their changing hormones play such a big role and most have no idea that it can also affect your pelvic floor!

I hope that this episode today will educate women on this topic so they know what will happen in the future or have a better understanding if they are dealing with this currently.  On this episode, I talk about the effect of decreasing estrogen levels and how some common pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence, prolpase and painful intercourse, can occur or be exacerbated because of changing hormones.

Show Notes:

  • [0:35] Why is it important to know how your hormones impact your health long term
  • [2:00] The definitions of perimenopause, premenopause and menopause
  • [3:15] What body systems does estrogen affect during the perimenopause stage?
  • [4:00] How estrogen can cause you to lose muscle and bone mass, including losing muscle mass in your pelvic floor muscles
  • [6:00] Important exercise considerations in order to maintain your bone health
  • [8:00] Decreasing estrogen causes dryness and less secretion of mucous on your mucosal tissue, including the vagina and urethra
  • [8:55] The reason why prolapse can occur or worsen as your hormones change
  • [10:15] Stress incontinence gets worse as time goes on and this is the reason why
  • [11:35] Painful intercourse is another common complaint for women when their estrogen levels start changing.
  • [13:15] Why it is important to resolve your lady issues earlier rather than wait till you are getting older 

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Research Study - "Tissue Specific Effects of Loss of Estrogen during Menopause and Aging", Wend et. al 2012

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