EP04 – Natural birth considerations for any woman with LaNette McQuitty

natural birth

Do you imagine having a natural birth? Or do you want to have a say in your birth experience and feel heard? On today’s episode, I share an alternative to hospital birth with a very different approach to prenatal and postpartum care. 

LaNette McQuitty is a certified professional midwife and the owner of Authentic Birth Center and Wellness Collective in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. When she opened Authentic Birth Center and Wellness Collective, she had a vision to empower women to experience physiological birth in a quiet, peaceful setting and wanted to create a place that women are treated with warmth, patience and respect. 

On this episode, we talk about all things related to physiological birth and ways you could incorporate this natural birth method into your birth plan in addition to how we can better provide collaborative care to women as healthcare providers. This episode is for anyone pregnant or considering having children and is not just for those considering a natural birth. 

Show Notes

  • [4:20] Learn what the term “physiological birth” means and how the midwives at Authentic Birth Center get to know their families very well in order to allow for this instinctual birth process called physiological birth
  • [6:00] LaNette talks about the importance of staying in a dimly lit room while laboring in order to work with your nervous system to help the cervix dilate
  • [9:30] There are four midwives at Authentic and they are all alittle bit different but able to prescribe if needed so this allows their patients to have everything done right there
  • [11:35] A milk bank is now offered at Authentic with donor milk for those that are in need of breastmilk
  • [14:10] So many people wonder what happens during a water birth so hear from LaNette how water births work and why they can be beneficial to mom and baby
  • [17:55] We talk about how both of us focus on patient-centered care but hear about how LaNette does her prenatal visits differently than what the typical medical model is like in order to provide patients with the time they need.
  • [23:10] Hear one of LaNette’s favorite birth story with one of the largest amount of people she has had during a birth
  • [25:20] Most women ask “what if” something happens when birthing at a birth center so hear the criteria that LaNette has put into place in order to keep birth as safe as possible for her patients
  • [30:00] We discuss how we can both do better with providing better postpartum care within the fourth trimester
  • [34:20] I talk about a new research study that I had just read about diastasis recti and how things do not change after 8 weeks postpartum without some type of treatment
  • [39:00] Collaborative care is much needed within healthcare but is difficult to get in most places so we talk about how we both work together to collaborate for our patients and continue to push the envelope in providing that
  • [43:20] I pick LaNette’s brain about any type of prenatal care helping decrease birth trauma as we prepare for the launch of our pregnancy research study and she talks alot about the benefit of myofascial release of the pelvic floor prior to delivery
  • [51:15] LaNette’s biggest piece of advice for pregnancy and childbirth is to “Be Comfortable” and how that happens throughout those different aspects
  • [53:05] Hear LaNette’s current favorite way of practicing self-care

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