EP05 – Fitness for Moms with Tracy Joynt

fitness for moms

Navigating the waters after baby for fitness for moms can be so frustrating and tricky!  Not only is there so much information out there on what you should and shouldn’t do, but there is alot of pressure on moms to regain their fitness and meet societal expectations. On today’s episode with Tracy Joynt, we talk about a way for new moms to be more active after baby, ways to modify exercises for any issues you’re dealing with and the importance of finding a community for support. 

Tracy is the owner of Fit4Mom in the Milwaukee area and they provide pre and postnatal group fitness classes. Tune in to this episode if you want to learn more about exercise after baby and how to add activity without adding pressure onto yourself.

Show Notes:

  • [1:15] Tracy left her career in sales and marketing after having her first child to pursue a career with Fit4Mom because she wasn’t happy anymore
  • [4:00] Learn what Fit4Mom is and how they provide fitness for moms
  • [7:30] Have you ever been nervous to try bringing your kids with you to exercise class? Hear what Tracy has to say about how they handle having kids in class with them
  • [11:15] Doing activities outside of exercise class has allowed Fit4Mom to grow a whole community of women and they meet up regularly to have some fun!
  • [12:45] The most common misconceptions that Tracy sees includes not being able to workout if you have any issues or if you are new to exercise
  • [14:30] Listen to how Fit4Mom will assess and modify exercises to make them appropriate to you at the stage you’re in
  • [17:05] Hear what we recommend at Revitalize PT for women with a diastasis recti or prolapse in regards to exercise
  • [19:10] We talk about activating the transversus abdominus muscle to help retrain the core and “flatten the stomach”.  This is challenging for women to accept sometimes as a form of exercise because it feels very different than other traditional ab exercises
  • [21:20] Dr. Brenda talks about a new research study that was published stating that diastasis recti will not change past 8 weeks postpartum unless there is an intervention
  • [22:15] We discuss the new guideline for returning to running in the postpartum period to wait till 12 weeks postpartum and only if you completed an exercise progression and do not have any pelvic floor dysfunction
  • [27:30] Hear Tracy’s advice for new moms looking to incorporate activity into their life
  • [33:00] Learn what is Tracy’s current favorite way to practice self-care right now

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