EP07 – Lactation Resources with Molly Peterson

lactation resources

Lactation resources are crucial for any new mom and baby and this episode gives you loads of information!  Molly Peterson is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and the owner of Peterson Lactation Services here in Milwaukee and the Professional Development Coordinator for the United States Lactation Consultant Association.

It was so much fun to talk about ways a lactation consultant can help support moms and babies by providing lactation resources.  We also talk about positioning, ways to help your posture, pain with breastfeeding and how it impacts your hormones. In addition, we talk about the new milk bank that provides donor milk to anyone that needs it.   

Show Notes:

  • [2:50] Molly Peterson, BS, IBCLC, RLC, shares her background and how she ended up pursuing a career as a lactation consultant after studying speech pathology in college. She now works out of Authentic Birth Center in Wauwatosa, WI.
  • [5:18] We discuss the model of collaborative care in women’s health found at Authentic Birth Center - Wellness Collective, where many services for moms and babies can be found under one roof. Dr. Brenda is adding functional medicine component to the Revitalize clinic to fill in a missing piece of this model of care.
  • [6:35] Molly explains what a lactation consultant does, what it takes to become an IBCLC, and how she works with mothers and babies to meet their individual feeding goals, whether they want to breastfeed or bottle feed.
  • [8:30] We talk about some of the misconceptions people have about lactation consultants, and Molly shares her personal philosophy that she isn’t aiming to tell parents what to do but rather to educate them based on that family’s unique needs.
  • [10:08] Dr. Brenda shares her personal experiences with both unsupportive and supportive lactation consultants in the hospital after she chose to exclusively pump.
  • [11:50] Dr. Brenda asks Molly what her best advice is for moms who are exclusively pumping and she shares some helpful tips, including one about how the number of hours between pumps is not as important as the number of pumps per day.
  • [13:40] Dr. Brenda often hears moms complain about pain while breastfeeding. Molly explains whether or not breastfeeding should ever be painful and says pain is the number one reason moms come to see her.
  • [16:24] The next most common issues Molly hears are low milk supply (or perceived low milk supply), going back to work and transitioning to pumping, and recommendation from a pediatrician related to baby’s weight or age.
  • [18:20] We talk about the worries of whether or not baby is taking in enough milk, and Molly explains the best ways parents can gauge how much milk their child is getting.
  • [20:18] We talk about mom’s posture when breastfeeding, noting that Dr. Brenda frequently sees moms coming with complaints of neck or back pain related to how they are positioned while nursing. Molly suggests certain positions to help alleviate posture issues.
  • [23:43] We discuss hands-free, closed system, discreet pumps and whether or not they are as effective as popular pumps like Spectra and Medela. Molly mentions the Haaka breastpump as a good option to collect excess milk. 
  • [26:50] Dr. Brenda sees patients with issues that might be affected by the presence of hormones in the body during breastfeeding and asks if Molly ever has specific recommendations to moms when it comes to the presence of hormones like relaxin in their body during breastfeeding.
  • [28:43] Jaime Sloan, the amazing woman who pumped breastmilk during the running portion of a triathlon.
  • [29:00] Allyson Felix who, at 10 months postpartum, broke the world record for most gold medals of any athlete at the track and field World Championship
  • [29:28] Molly has been a part of launching a milk bank depot and dispensary at Authentic Birth Center in partnership with the Mothers Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes
  • [30:37] We talk about donor breastmilk, the antibodies in breastmilk, and how even donor breastmilk can have a big impact on the health of baby’s gut microbiome, even if they are not getting milk from their own mother.
  • [33:23] We touch on pasteurized breastmilk and how it compares to unpasteurized breastmilk as well as baby formula.
  • [33:46] Molly convinced her sister to drink a breastmilk smoothie after having a colonoscopy.
  • [36:01] Dr. Brenda discusses a study that shows the possible link between postpartum and perinatal mood disorders and gut health.
  • [37:28] Molly shares how parents can access milk from the milk bank, with and without a prescription.
  • [42:48] Dr. Brenda asks Molly if there is ever a point where she has to tell a client that breastfeeding isn’t going to work for them. She explains that she isn’t here to tell moms how to feed their babies, but she is happy to be the person to tell them it’s okay to make the choice not to.
  • [44:40] Molly explains her best advice to a new mom: get help early! Dr. Brenda encourages her clients to do this as well to avoid making pelvic floor issues worse.

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