EP09 – Support in Motherhood with Sarah Kooiman

support in motherhood

It can be challenging to find support in motherhood, yet it is so important for us as women. In this episode with Sarah Kooiman, co-founder of Milwaukee Mom, we talk about some of the resources available in the Milwaukee area to provide support in motherhood.  From helpful area guides, educational articles, and a community of women willing to offer support and guidance during every stage of motherhood, Milwaukee Mom is an incredible resource to local moms. In addition, Sarah and I discuss her experience with pelvic floor physical therapy (which is also MUCH NEEDED for most women) including her initial thoughts, some of the hesitations she had and how it helped her regain function in her life. We also chat about the challenges of being a female entrepreneur and mom, and how the high expectations placed on working women leave an even greater need for support in motherhood.

Show Notes:

  • [2:40] Sarah shares how she began her journey as owner and co-founder of Milwaukee Mom (formerly known as MKE Moms Blog).
  • [8:03] We chat about the importance of having an online community that provides information for moms in all stages of motherhood, beyond just the “new mom” stage. One of the goals of Milwaukee Mom is to provide content that is helpful to women not only in their role as a mother, but as a woman with other parts of her identity.
  • [10:66] We touch on social media and how we can easily fall into the trap of thinking we “should” parent a certain way.
  • [12:45] Sarah explains that Milwaukee Mom now has 30 contributors with a diverse set of beliefs and parenting philosophies.
  • [15:14] Even though we live in an age of constant connection, women struggle with a sense of isolation and loneliness that can be damaging to their mental health and these pieces of honest, authentic writing can help establish a connection to another person during a time when it is much-needed.
  • [19:35] Positive feedback and encouragement to people, businesses, and care providers around us can be incredibly impactful, especially between moms and women.
  • [22:01] Revitalize Physical Therapy has had an ongoing partnership with Milwaukee Mom over the past few years.
  • [24:38] Sarah openly shares her history of peeing her pants, including examples of how severe her incontinence was, how it took her over 10 years to discover that it wasn’t normal, and even then how it took her some time to jump into seeking help.
  • [30:54] Sarah shares her experience with pelvic floor physical therapy, including some misconceptions she had as well as the most surprising parts of her experience.
  • [36:24] Sarah gives an update about where she is now when it comes to her pelvic health and how pelvic floor physical therapy has changed her quality of life.
  • [39:17] We talk about the importance of selecting a care provider you feel comfortable with and can be honest with when seeking pelvic floor physical therapy.
  • [41:22] Sarah shares her strategies for how she handles running a business, managing a large team, and having a family and a life outside of work. 
  • [44:44] We dive deep into some of the challenges presented to female entrepreneurs and the expectations placed on women when it comes to work-life balance.
  • [53:35] Sarah shares her advice to moms who are home with children but might be looking to begin some kind of work outside of the home.

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