EP10 – What is “Normal” After Baby with Dr. Brenda & Dr. Jen

what is normal after baby

Congratulations, you've had a baby! But then some weird things start to happen...you start having pain when moving around and start leaking when you pick up the baby. These things might have you wondering, "What is Normal After Baby?" Maybe you even ask a few of your mom friends to find out and they tell you, "Oh yea, that is all a normal part of becoming a mom!"

On today's podcast episode, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Jen sit down and talk about what is normal after baby and the most common mom issues. Spoiler alert - these issues are NOT normal even though they are very common. Not only do we tell you what is normal after baby but also why these issues happen so that you can take the first steps to fix them.

Resources Mentioned:

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