EP14 – Running for Women with Tori Hartmann

running for women

Running for women is fun and great exercise, but it can also lead to a lot of questions like, “How do I train?” “How do I avoid injuries?” and “How do I prepare for a race?”  On this episode of The Revitalize Woman Podcast, I sit down and talk with Tori Hartmann who is a personal trainer and running coach for women. She has helped numerous women train and reach their goals in running and fitness and is a major supporter of running for women.  We also talk about fitness for women and different ways to incorporate weight training as well as coaching and injury prevention for running. This episode offers an insightful look into the world of running for women!

Show Notes

[2:05] Tori shares her background and explains how she became passionate about fitness and running for women. She explains how she went from cross country runner to marathon runner.

[8:08] We talk about how Tori got into the coaching side of running for women.

[9:51] We share some of the craziest things we as trainers and coaches have seen at the gym.

[11:51] Tori explains how she creates an individualized strength and conditioning program for her running clients.

[15:30] As a mom, Tori has experienced some pelvic floor dysfunction that was causing issues for her as a runner. She explains how she got to know Dr. Brenda and how physical therapy helped her.

[18:28] Tori shares the most unexpected thing she learned through pelvic floor physical therapy.

[20:48] Dr. Brenda asks Tori if women come to her with preset notions of how they think they should be running.

[26:56] We discuss some misconceptions about personal trainers and how not all personal trainers are created equal. Tori shares about her personal philosophy and how she approaches personal training as a profession.

[32:04] Tori talks about the most common misconceptions out there about fitness and running for women.

[38:34] Tori talks about how going through pelvic floor physical therapy has changed how she approaches personal training with her female clients.

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