EP15 – Why Incontinence Happens (and the solution)

why incontinence happens

One of the most common questions women often ask us is why incontinence happens. Usually it’s because they think incontinence is just a normal byproduct of having children or getting older. Many women have never been told that it is not normal or actually discovered why incontinence happens.  On this podcast episode, we dive into all of the reasons for why incontinence happens and what you can do to help prevent incontinence and stop suffering from it.

[1:26] Dr. Brenda Heinecke provides some updates about the clinic and explains how you can help support our small business during this time:

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[5:20] Dr. Brenda defines incontinence and describes the different types of incontinence.

[7:00] She discusses the reasons why incontinence happens.

[8:06] Most people who experience incontinence assume that their pelvic floor muscles are too weak and think that more kegels will help. This is often not the case.

[9:02] Dr. Brenda discusses the difference between weak pelvic floor muscles and overactive (tight) pelvic floor muscles.

[10:24] Dr. Brenda leads a guided self-assessment you can try at home to determine how well your pelvic floor muscles are functioning.

[12:59] She breaks down bladder irritants and bladder habits that may be the culprit for leaking.

[18:12] She lists some other causes and factors that might come into play when it comes to incontinence, such as: posture, prolapse, scar tissue, breathing mechanics, and body mechanics.

[20:33] Dr. Brenda offers different starting points and simple exercises for people experiencing incontinence, based on whether the muscles are too tight or too weak.

[23:11] Beyond these initial starting points, the journey to resolving incontinence is individual for each person.

If you are ready for the next step and to get rid of your incontinence for good, contact us to set up a free consultation (either in-person or virtual!) to learn how we can help you!

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