EP16 – Mental Health for Moms with Sarah Bloomquist

mental health for moms

We are so excited to be talking about mental health for moms with Sarah Bloomquist, founder of Mom’s Mental Health Initiative in Milwaukee, WI.

::TRIGGER WARNING:: In this episode, we talk in detail about perinatal mood disorders (such as postpartum anxiety and depression) and about specific examples of the feelings and thoughts moms deal with when they are suffering from these disorders. 

Mental health for moms goes beyond just postpartum depression and is something that many women struggle with after having a baby. During our conversation, we discuss the different types of perinatal mood disorders that occur during and after pregnancy and how to recognize them.  We also talk about the importance of screenings for mental health for moms in general, and not just for postpartum depression. This episode has some great mental health advice for any woman and can serve as a great resource for everyone.

Show Notes

[5:25] Sarah gives some background on how she founded Moms Mental Health Initiative (MMHI) and shares her personal experience with perinatal mood disorders. 

[8:18] MMHI’s reach has expanded over the last 4 years, largely due to their focused content on social media. They believe in providing accurate information and resources to moms.

[9:30] We discuss some of the obstacles that prevent a mother from seeking help when she needs it.

[11:20] We chat about some of the things that are common but not necessarily normal when it comes to mental and physical health postpartum.

[12:41] Sarah explains what MMHI is and gives more details about the different types of perinatal mood disorders (PMADs) as well as the services MMHI provides to mothers.

[15:50] Sarah describes the process when a mom reaches out to MMHI and how she and her team connect moms to the appropriate resources and point them towards treatment.

[19:05] We discuss the idea of screening for PMADs and whether it is beneficial for other providers (pediatricians, physical therapists, etc.) to be formally or informally screening moms and providing a safe space to talk.

[34:08] Sarah and I chat about healthcare providers and how important it is to reduce obstacles and offer convenient options for scheduling appointments for new moms.

[38:23] We talk about postpartum anxiety and how it differs from postpartum depression. Sarah gives some specific examples of feelings a mom might have in each scenario.

[59:20] Sarah shares her biggest piece of advice to moms.

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