EP17 – Prolapse Support and Solutions

prolapse support

Pelvic organ prolapse is an issue that is often not discussed. Many women find it difficult to get adequate prolapse support. Contrary to popular belief, prolapse can occur for any woman regardless of childbirth history or age. Lack of education and resources can make it difficult to find prolapse support for women who are diagnosed with this pelvic floor dysfunction.  On this episode of The Revitalize Woman Podcast, Dr. Brenda explains how to recognize symptoms of a prolapse. In addition, she discusses why a prolapse might occur and then provides prolapse support with solutions to minimize and/or prevent a prolapse.  Learn why prolapse is a topic not just for women approaching menopause. Dr. Brenda shares important tips for younger women who could potentially prevent a prolapse from occurring in their life.

Show Notes

[2:15] Firstly, Dr. Brenda explains what a prolapse is and how it is graded by medical professionals.

[4:22] We hear a description of some of the symptoms women experience when dealing with a prolapse. Dr. Brenda explains that there are options for prolapse support out there.

[5:53] Dr. Brenda talks about whether or not prolapse is reversible. She shares how proper treatment can eliminate the symptoms of prolapse.

[8:39] We dive into the causes of prolapse, including childbirth, hormone laxity, constipation, and breath-holding.

[16:19] Dr. Brenda shares suggestions for what you can do to alleviate symptoms of prolapse and how to find prolapse support at any stage.

[18:30] Moreover, good habits can make a big impact when it comes to treating prolapse. For instance, being aware of posture and practicing appropriate lifting mechanics can help decrease symptoms.

[22:47] Other key components of prolapse support and treatment include strengthening the pelvic floor and learning pressure management techniques.

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