EP18 – Leaking with Running with Krista Ruehmer

leaking with running

It is common for women to experience leaking with running, especially after having a baby.  However, leaking is not normal and can be very limiting and frustrating for the women who experience it.  On this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Krista Ruehmer who is a mother, runner and one of my fabulous clients.  We talk about how she dealt with leaking with running after having a baby. Eventually she decided enough was enough after completely soaking her running shorts. This inspiring interview is so relatable for many women. We talk about the inner battle of knowing something is “wrong” and trying to push through and deal with it. For Krista, she wishes she had listened to her intuition and found help sooner. It has been so much fun to work with Krista to help her overcome leaking with running and I am so appreciative of her willingness to share her story with you.

Show Notes

[3:10] Krista explains why she came to physical therapy after leaking with running postpartum. She shares how she thought physical therapy was only going to involve kegels and exercises.

[6:10] We talk about how the perineal trauma and tearing during childbirth impacted Krista’s ability to return to running.

[8:29] We chat about how education and preparation of the pelvic floor during pregnancy should be a normal part of prenatal and postnatal care.

[11:36] Dr. Brenda discusses her ongoing prenatal research study and her desire to change to narrative, particularly when it comes to the recommendation to do kegels during pregnancy.

[13:25] Krista shares what surprised her the most about pelvic floor physical therapy.

[16:04] One of the most beneficial parts of Krista’s pelvic floor healing experience was having someone validate that her bladder leaking was a real problem and wasn’t just in her head.

[17:30] Dr. Brenda gives some background on Krista’s treatment and discusses how scar tissue can lead to leaking with running..

[21:42] Krista explains when she returned to running after baby and how long it took her to seek help with her incontinence issues.

[24:09] We discuss a new guideline for returning to running postpartum and how it can be difficult to wait 12 weeks for those who are used to running or being active.

[29:28] Krista explains the progress she has made and talks about where she is at now.

[31:49] Krista shares the hardest part of pelvic floor physical therapy.

[42:40] Dr. Brenda asks Krista to share her biggest piece of advice to new moms.

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