EP19 – Pain with Sex (and how to get relief)

pain with sex

Over 50% of women have pain with sex. Yet very few women know about the real causes of their pain. And even fewer know how to get relief.  In fact, most women are given bad advice like “relax more” or “drink more wine.” Or they’re told that it is “all in their head,” which is neither true nor helpful. Women can experience pain with sex at any point in their life, but it is most common after having a baby and during premenopause. On this episode of The Revitalize Woman Podcast, Dr. Brenda goes into detail on why women have pain with sex, the different types of pain with sex and what you can do to get rid of pain.  Plus, she shares tips you can start to implement right away to get relief from your pain.

Show Notes

[3:20] Pain with sex is common, but not normal. Many women suffer for years, thinking it’s just something they need to deal with. Dr. Brenda talks about the excuses she hears and the misinformation women are been given by friends, healthcare providers, partners, etc.

[5:04] Dr. Brenda discusses the two most common types of pain with sex. She also talks about scar tissue and overactive pelvic floor muscles, the two most prevalent causes of pain with sex.

[10:34] It is important to discuss hormones and the role they play when it comes to pain with sex for women, specifically during the postpartum and premenopause phases.

[17:00] So what can we do about painful intercourse? Dr. Brenda explains that manual breaking up of scar tissues and myofascial release of muscles are the two places to start.

[19:20] If you are having pain with sex, you really shouldn’t be doing kegels. Instead, pelvic floor muscle relaxation is key. See links below for videos of the exercises mentioned.

[22:46] While “just use more lube” is not an answer to pain with sex, a good quality lubricant is still important. Dr. Brenda shares recommendations for personal lubricants.

[26:51] Vaginal moisturizers can also be helpful to restore the tissues.

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