EP21 – Training for Female Athletes

The approach to training for female athletes is often the same as male athletes, with a lower capacity or resistance amount. However, training for female athletes is much more complex and there are several factors to consider. Rarely is the female anatomy differences, hormone differences, and lifestyle differences taken into account when developing training plans. In this episode, Dr. Brenda talks about the differences between male and female athletes. She discusses how anatomy, hormone fluctuations, and life stages can impact a female athlete’s performance. Plus, she talks about how proper training for female athletes can help them avoid injury.

Show Notes

[5:46] Training for female athletes is often done the same as male athletes. In reality, anatomical, hormone, and lifestyle differences should be taken into consideration.

[6:31] Dr. Brenda explains her start as a personal trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. She enjoys working with female athletes and creating training plans. She has expertise in training for female athletes and feels strongly about helping this population have long-term success

[9:1] Female athletes are different from males, beginning with their anatomy.

[15:27] Hormones impact men and women much differently. A women’s natural hormonal fluctuations throughout the month and have an impact on energy, performance, and injury risk.

[22:22] Lifestyle phases such as pregnancy, postpartum, premenopause, menopause can impact training for female athletes as well.

[27:03] Dr. Brenda talks about how can you avoid injuries as a female athlete.

[28:32] By focusing on functional movements in all 3 planes of movement, female athletes can have better balance and success.

[29:55] It is also important to train the pelvic floor with hip and core muscles to optimize pelvic floor function.

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