EP23 – Recovery After C-Section

A c-section is a major surgery during which a woman’s body undergoes major trauma. This means that proper recovery after c-section is essential for long-term function and healing. In this episode of The Revitalize Woman Podcast, Dr. Brenda offers her expertise when it comes to recovery after c-section. She shares tips to implement immediately after surgery, as well as long-term plans to help your body fully recover. She talks about scar tissue management and how manual physical therapy can aid in your complete recovery. Even if it’s been years since you’ve had a baby, Dr. Brenda’s guide to recovery after c-section is sure to help you resolve any pelvic floor dysfunction or scar tissue problems that may still be lingering.

Show Notes

[4:29] C- sections are major trauma and as such, proper recovery is key.

[6:23] Dr. Brenda briefly explains what happens to the body during a c-section, including how the incision is made.

[9:22] Immediately after a c-section, a woman can do several things to get started on her recovery. Dr. Brenda shares her best tips, including walking and movement, gentle core activation, ice and compression, and splinting.

[14:09] Dr. Brenda talks about long-term care, including scar tissue management.

[21:08] She also talks about the manual that a physical therapist can help with to promote further healing of the area.

[24:29] Having a c-section doesn’t make you exempt from pelvic floor issues. Dr. Brenda explains some of the pelvic floor issues that can happen during recovery after c-section.

[27:26] Dr. Brenda shares a few other common issues women experience post-c-section, including pulling on one side of the incision and back pain due to the epidural.

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