EP24 – Preparing Your Body for Childbirth

There is a great deal of information with regard to preparing your body for childbirth. It can be overwhelming, and some of the information might even be conflicting! How often should you be exercising? Should you quit running? To kegel or not to kegel? In this episode of The Revitalize Woman Podcast, Dr. Brenda Heinecke shares her professional expertise when it comes to preparing your body for childbirth. She gives the perspective of a pelvic floor physical therapist and offers her best tips for getting your body ready for a successful delivery and postpartum recovery, covering topics like exercise, nutrition, delivery strategies, and postpartum tips.

Show Notes

[3:30] Dr Brenda debunks some myths when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. She talks about the importance of staying active. But she also stresses recognizing your limits, working within them, and listening to your body.

[15:59] Many people think strengthening is the best way to prepare the pelvic floor for delivery. Dr. Brenda shares why this may not be true for most women.

[20:15] Dr. Brenda shares dips for delivery such as exhaling to push and staying relaxed.

[22:40] She discusses how proper nutrition is essential to preparing your body for childbirth. Specifically, getting enough protein, DHA, magnesium, and a good quality probiotic.

[27:57] Dr. Brenda discusses some of the things you can do immediately postpartum to support your healing.

[32:29] She encourages getting a team of providers during pregnancy to help you through the transition your body is going through.

[34:16] Finally, Dr. Brenda discusses how helpful it is to make a birth plan prior to delivery.

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