EP27 – Hannah Anderson

Using supplements for women can be very beneficial to address any nutritional deficiencies, help with hormone balance, and optimize your body’s function.  However, supplements for women are not very well regulated. They could have harmful chemicals or compounds in them, not have high quality ingredients, or not have the correct dosage in each capsule.  That’s why it’s important to use a reputable company when buying supplements for women.

Our guest on today’s episode is Dr. Hannah Anderson, co-founder of Well Labs, chiropractor and Birthfit professional.  Based on Dr. Anderson’s experience working with pregnant and postpartum women, she saw a need to create quality supplements in order to help women achieve optimal health.  Dr. Anderson also shares some insight into how she utilizes all of her skills to provide quality care for women in different seasons.  In addition, we talk about some of the common postpartum nutritional and recovery needs as well as helping your body recover from taking hormonal birth control.

Show Notes

[4:15] Dr. Brenda asks Hannah how she chose the path she is on now?

[11:41] How did Well Labs come about?

[25:57] Hannah discusses the different seasons of conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and life.

[27:41] What’s your biggest piece of advice for the postpartum mom? 

[33:04] Do you ever utilize collagen with any of your treatments?

[37:35] A common misconception with C-sections is that you don’t need recovery work.

[45:56] Let’s talk about the 7-Day Detox from birth control

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