EP28 – Functional Health for Pelvic Floor

After working in pelvic floor physical therapy for many years, I’ve learned that there are other factors involved in order to get people better long term. This is where functional health for pelvic floor enters in. Functional health encompasses other aspects of our health that have an impact on pelvic floor conditions and pelvic health. These include stress, nutrition, gut health, vaginal health, and sleep. After incorporating these aspects of functional health for pelvic floor issues and seeing the results, I knew that this was important to include in order to have a more cohesive approach to treatment.

On today’s episode, I talk in more detail about how functional health aspects affect the pelvic floor and common misconceptions about them. I also talk about our new programs including the Stress Response Test, Functional Health Program, and Fertility Program. If you want to learn more about any of these programs, you can set up a free consultation to learn more and see if you’d be a good candidate.

Show Notes

[2:00-6:7:02] Why Dr. Brenda started this journey.

[7:55-9:59] What is the Stress Response Test?

[10:00-12:25]  Gut health and nutrition are important.

[13:11-14:45] Who can benefit from our new programs?

[16:53-17:30]  Dr. Brenda talks about the Functional Health program.

[17:31-22:18]  The fertility program and optimizing fertility.

[22:57-24:24] Supplement misconceptions.

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Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Functional Health Program

Stress Response Test

Fertility Program

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