EP29 – Holistic Nutrition in Milwaukee

Have you considered utilizing holistic nutrition in Milwaukee in order to address some of your wellness issues? On today’s episode of The Revitalize Woman podcast, I interview Amanda Couturier, who is a holistic nutritionist and life coach who provides holistic nutrition in the Milwaukee area through her business—Whole Life Wellness. We dive into some of the common wellness issues women deal with including gut health, autoimmune issues, and postpartum depletion. We also talk about other wellness aspects that you could implement into your life including chemical/toxin exposure, health coaching, and food for nourishment and enjoyment. Amanda provides lots of realistic and educational information about holistic nutrition in Milwaukee. Don’t miss this one!

Show Notes

[3:36-11:04] What is your background and how did you get into functional nutrition?

[17:46-21:00] Can you explain the difference between functional nutritionist, nutritionist, and dietitian?

[31:27-34:55] How does food play a roll in day-to-day function besides hunger?

[40:50-46:26] Myth busting time! What are good fats and what are some misconceptions about them?

[52:00-56:05]  Let's talk about replenishing the body postpartum.

[1:00:36-1:06:30]  Top 5 things to do to live a more natural life.

[1:08:36-1:09:40]  Dr. Brenda askes Amanda her current way of practicing self-care.

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