EP30 – Perinatal Mental Health Resources

HWith a lot of stigmas and misconceptions around perinatal mental health, it can be difficult to find helpful information and resources. However, this is a topic that any mom could benefit from since there are so many life changes that occur in the perinatal stage. In today’s episode, Heidi and I talk about all of this in addition to how certain personality, coping, and sensitivity factors play a role in our parenting and functioning through motherhood. Heidi Hemling is a clinical mental health therapist with a perinatal mental health certification so she is well-versed in working with this population. Tune in to this episode to get some great perinatal mental health resources!

Show Notes

[3:30-8:08] Heidi tells us about her background and why she got into perinatal mental health.

[8:45-14:02] Dr. Brenda asks Heidi to explain some of the additional training she had and how it's different than other therapists.

[24:16-27:30] Discussion about birth trauma.

[36:34-40:56] What are the biggest struggles for new moms that you’ve seen in your practice?

[55:10-1:06:32] Discussion about the research Heidi's done with highly sensitive individuals (HSP) and how it relates to motherhood. 

[1:10:00-1:17:53] How does being a HSP affect your parenting?

[1:18:25-1:20:21]  Dr. Brenda askes Heidi her current favorite way of practicing self-care.

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Links Mentioned In This Episode:

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron

The Highly Sensitive Person Test

The Holding Space—Therapy for the Whole Person

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