EP31 – What to Expect During a Pelvic Floor Assessment

what to expect during pelvic floor assessment

I have found that women often wonder what to expect during a pelvic floor assessment and have no idea what it all entails. Starting pelvic floor physical therapy can be scary and intimidating for anyone! But wondering what to expect during a pelvic floor assessment can make it seem much scarier! That’s why today I am going to talk in depth about why we do pelvic floor assessments, what we all look at and assess during one and some of the differences you may have experienced if you’ve done other treatment for a pelvic floor issue. My hope is that this demystifies the pelvic floor assessment and also educates women on the process and other factors that are assessed in addition to the pelvic floor muscles. I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you had a different expectation or idea prior to hearing this episode!

Show Notes

[1:06 - 3:10]  Why do we do Pelvic Floor Assessments?

[3:33 - 17:00]  What does a Pelvic Floor Assessment all entail?

[19:00 - 21:38] Our approach is different from other Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists.

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