EP32 – Pelvic Floor PT Panel

Episode 32

On today’s episode, Revitalize Physical Therapists Dr. Brenda, Dr. Jennie, Dr. Megan, and Dr. Molly sit down and chat about themselves, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy misconceptions, what they want patients to know, and more. Get to know what goes on in their heads as Physical Therapists. During this podcast, you’ll get to know them better. You’ll also get a better understanding of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy as they answer some burning questions from clients. We hope you enjoy getting some insight into the Pelvic Floor PT realm.

Show Notes

[4:27-12:00] How do you learn as Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists (PTs)? Do you use vagina models?

[13:23-17:36]   What’s one thing we wish as PTs that our patients knew?

[17:38-22:08] What is one of the more surprising treatment approaches or something we wouldn’t think would be an aspect that could be addressed by a Pelvic Floor PT?

[22:34-25:53] Why did you decide to pick Pelvic Floor PT?

[26:05-32:45] What is the most common misconception about pelvic floor issues?

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