EP33 – The Revitalize Fertility Program

Fertility Program Podcast Ep 33

We are super excited to discuss the Revitalize Fertility Program in this episode. This unique, noninvasive treatment was designed to address some key components that affect fertility. Our team has spent a lot of time researching, training, and developing this program in order to optimize fertility and give our patients the best possible chance to conceive. Dr. Brenda discusses common causes of infertility, the key components of our program, and how we can help. Please tune in! We are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns because we understand how scary, and frustrating it can be to not be able to have a baby. 

Show Notes

[2:01-5:27] Dr. Brenda discussed the causes of fertility issues in women

[5:29-6:24] Defining the difference between primary and secondary infertility?

[6:28-9:18] What we do here at Revitalize with our Fertility Program?

[11:57-13:44] A list of the key components of our Fertility Program.

[13:45-17:30] Defining stress as a fertility factor.

[18:03-21:09] Dr. Brenda describes the detox phase.

[21:16-22:33] How does nutrition affect fertility?

[22:36-24:26] Why is gut health so important?

[25:59-28:40] Discussing the mechanical aspect of our Fertility Program.

[28:42-29:26] What is pelvic congestion?

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