EP35- Tips for Confidence from a Family Photographer

For most women at some point in their lives, they struggle with feeling confident, especially in front of the camera! On today’s episode with family photographer Abby Park, we talk about how to feel confident taking family photos and stop delaying them.  We'll talk about some tips for confidence during family photos. This amazing family photographer also talks about what you can do to prepare for family photos or newborn photos and how to enjoy the process so you have pictures to look back on years from now. Not only is Abby a family photographer, but she is also a busy mom of four so we talk about how she juggles kids, life, and work. Tune in to this great episode and check out the show notes for any resources mentioned.

Show Notes

[2:07-4:19]  How Abby got into photography.

[5:00-7:56]  Was it difficult for her to switch gears when going from being a PT to a photographer?

[7:55-10:50]  Are there common concerns/questions that postpartum moms have during your photography sessions? 

[10:53-14:10]  Does being a mom change how you take pictures? 

[20:05-21:07]  Do you have a favorite photography prop?

[21:27-23:45]   Biggest piece of advice or tips for confidence for women feeling insecure about themselves and are holding off on family photos.

[25:20-29:40] How do you manage time between family and your business?

[37:49-39:36] What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a side business or their own business?

[40:08-42:20] Is there anything new and exciting coming up with your photography business?

[43:01-43:57] What is your current favorite way to practice self-care?

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