EP36 – Healthy Eating for Families

Nutrition can be confusing due to all of the different “diets” that are in the media, different messages that we see in the media, and the sneaky ways the food industry has made our food unhealthy.  Add in the busy lifestyles that most of us live, and it is HARD to balance healthy eating for families. On today’s episode, I interview Chelsea Gloeckner Powell, a registered dietician with a Master’s in nutrition from HealthyChelsea.com and The Crowded Table. She is passionate about helping people achieve healthy eating for families that have busy schedules without feeling overwhelmed. Not only do we talk about quick, easy ways to make healthy meals, but we also dive into other topics such as gut health, inflammation, diet culture, and mom life. Don’t miss this great episode!

Show Notes

[2:55-6:40] Chelsea discusses her background and why she choose to specialize in nutrition

[7:55-17:27] Dr. Brenda & Chelsea talk about nutrition, diet, comfort food, and healthy eating for families

[17:30-29:30] All about the importance of gut health

[36:40- 2:02] What is the Crowded Table?

[43:00-44:00] How does Chelsea practice self-care?

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