EP37 – Strength Training for Women

Depending on who you ask about strength training for women, you can receive totally different answers. There are lots of misconceptions around whether women should strength train and how it could impact their health. In this episode, we are joined by our very own Lisa Kendall who is a ISSA & FMS Certified personal trainer. In this episode, she talks about;

  • how she got started with strength training 
  • tips for beginners
  • confidence in the gym 
  • benefits of strength training 
  • how often to strength train
  • And tackles some common misconceptions

Make sure to tune into this episode to learn all things strength training for women! Check out the show notes for any resources mentioned. 

Show Notes:

[0:00 - 1:11] Introduction

[1:12: - 1:37] Client Appreciation Month Promotion

[1:38 - 3:51] Lisa’s Background

[3:52 - 6:23] Confidence with Beginning Strength Training

[6:24 - 9:29] Why is it Important for Women to Strength Train?

[9:30 - 11:56] Cardio vs. Strength Training 

[11:57 - 19:14] What is an Ideal Strength Training Schedule for Women?

[19:15 - 22:28] Good Workouts Don’t Need to Hurt

[22:29 - 28:41] Common Misconceptions around Strength Training

[28:42 - 30:59] Working Out helps More than just Physically

[31:00 - 32:59] Listen to what Lisa Recommends to her Clients

[33:00 - 34:59] The Hardest Exercise to Perform?

[35:00 - 36:05] Lisa’s Favorite Exercise?

[36:06 - 37:19] What is Lisa’s Favorite way to Practice Self Care?

[37:20 - 38:50] Pelvic Floor Tip of the Day


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