Functional Health 1. Do you feel tired and burnt out regardless of how much sleep you get?
Functional Health 2. Frustrated by not being able to enjoy sex or activities because of the pelvic floor issues that aren’t resolving quickly?
Functional Health 3. Have you been struggling to see the progress you desire with your training in the gym?

Functional Health

Our new, innovative, research-based functional health programs were developed in order to continue providing the best results for our clients. These programs provide a more whole-body approach to treatment in order to address all aspects of an issue. This way, our clients can get back to an active lifestyle quicker and with better long-term results.

Functional Health Factors

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Full assessment of all lifestyle, health and environmental factors.

Step 2. Analyze findings and your individual stress response test to determine the areas of focus for treatment.

Step 3. Address limitations, improve gut health, implement recovery tools for stress management, improve sleep quality, and restore any nutrient deficiencies.


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Stress Response Test

Using unique HRV software, a calculation occurs to determine a reliable individual baseline for each person using oxygen uptake, respiration and energy expenditure. A journal is kept during the measurement process of key events to connect these events to the analysis report. 

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Functional Health Program

This program was designed to be an add-on to our typical physical therapy treatment in order to address the other health & lifestyle factors at play such as gut health, sleep, stress, and nutritional health.

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Fertility Program

This innovative program incorporates non-invasive, research-based techniques in order to help optimize fertility. We wanted to create a program that was cohesive and addressed multiple aspects of fertility. This program can be done by itself or in conjunction with other fertility treatments.

What to do next?

Book a 30-minute consultation and we can discuss our Heart Rate Variability and Functional Health Programs in more detail and see if it's the right fit for you at no charge.