Get rid of back pain for good by fixing this sneaky cause of it

Have you been dealing with back pain off and on for awhile and ready to get rid of back pain for good?  There have been some recent statistics I've seen floating around reporting 80% of adults suffer from back pain and that it's the leading cause of disability in adults. I've experienced some of these issues myself and I work with people just like you everyday so I see how debilitating back pain can be and why it is so important to get rid of back pain.

Back pain can be caused by many different dysfunctions whether it is a fracture of some kind, arthritic changes, nerve compression, disc herniation, or impaired movement (too much or too little).  Often times it involves several factors that culminate and you can't get rid of back pain then.  Most of the time, people have muscle imbalances in the core and pelvis that contribute to these issues.  However, back pain can also come from dysfunction at the pelvis and will linger until the dysfunction is resolved.  Most people do not realize that the pelvis is made up of two pelvic bones and they are not rigidly fixed.  Movement does occur between them and sometimes it can become impaired.

For example, say you are walking down a flight of stairs and misjudge how many stairs you have left and end up landing very hard onto your foot (and yes, I've done this myself!).  This jolt can create a rotation within one of the pelvic bones and then that bone gets "stuck" in this rotated position.  Typically, people will feel a sharp, shooting pain at the time of incident and then the pain will continue to linger.  Pain is often felt on only one side (the rotated side) and can sometimes be pinpointed to one location.  Pain is often located towards the top of the buttock, close to the waistband of your pants.

That's just an example but this injury can also occur spontaneously for no reason.  I have seen patients that have just woken up one day with pain that ends up being a rotated pelvic bone and they can't get rid of back pain.  Resolving the rotation is fairly quick and easy, but it often takes a few times in order to maintain the proper position.  Addressing the muscular imbalances will help stabilize the pelvis and spine so this doesn't occur again and you can get rid of back pain for good!

If you are experiencing this pain and can't get rid of back pain, it is best to have it looked at sooner rather than later since the longer the pelvis is rotated, the more changes that occur at the surrounding muscles which ultimately create an incorrect muscle memory (meaning the harder it is to fix the issue).  Contact us to take advantage of our FREE 30 minute consultation to talk more about your issues and how you can get rid of back pain for good.  Don't become one of the statistics, take action today and get rid of your pain!

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