Is your Diet Cola making you pee your pants?

Diet Cola making you pee your pants...crazy thought hey?  Well, if you have any issues with peeing your pants, also known as incontinence, then you need to read this!  It's a topic that women don't particularly talk about in conversation so this topic doesn't always get the press that it should.  There are so many women out there that suffer from this but think that it's normal or have been told by someone else that it's normal because you had a baby, you're getting older, etc etc, etc.  In fact, I recently read a statistic that said 15 million (WHAT?!?) women in the United States suffer from incontinence!  Well, let me tell you, it's not "normal" and you don't need to suffer from it or be embarrassed by it because you can stop it with the appropriate pelvic floor physical therapy.

So why is Diet Cola so bad for you?  It contains several bladder irritants that affect the bladder and makes you more prone to pee your pants.  For example, if you are a coffee drinker you have probably noticed that after drinking a large coffee, you pee ALOT afterwards.  Caffeine is a bladder irritant.  However, Diet Cola has several bladder irritants such as caffeine, carbonation, artificial sweetener and high acidity.  Each bladder irritant works in a different way if you are interested in the scientific model but ultimately all have an effect on the bladder.

What can you do to help alleviate your incontinence if you like to drink Diet Cola?  For starters, it is best to decrease the amount of Diet Cola that you drink (and soda isn't great for you for several other health reasons other than incontinence).  But if you have to have your Diet Cola, try to drink water along with it as water will help offset the concentration of these ingredients.  It's also important that you get adequate water intake throughout the day which is approximately 6-8, 8oz glasses of water.  And most importantly, get checked out by a physical therapist that has been trained in this area.  They are able to figure out exactly why you are having issues with incontinence and how to fix them quickly.  If you are in the Milwaukee area, contact us to take advantage of our FREE consultation to discuss your issues further and stop you from peeing your pants.

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