The Revitalize Woman Podcast

The Revitalize Woman Podcast with Dr. Brenda Heinecke brings Milwaukee-based health and wellness professionals together to talk about all things related to women’s health. We will cover topics related to pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic floor dysfunction, mom life, hormones, mental health, menopause, fitness, sex and more.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 13 - Pregnancy Research Study

with Dr. Jen & Dr. Brenda

Episode 11 - Birth Doula

with Alex Mente

Episode 12 - Sex Education

with Ellen Barnard

Episode 10 - What's "Normal" After Baby

with Dr. Jen & Dr. Brenda

Episode 09 - Support in Motherhood

with Sarah Kooiman

Episode 07 - Lactation Resources

with Molly Peterson

Episode 08 - Prenatal Fitness

with Molly Powell

Episode 06 - Women's healthcare topics

with Dr. Amy Rider

Episode 05 - Fitness for Moms

with Tracy Joynt

Episode 04 - Natural Birth Considerations for Any Woman

with LaNette McQuitty

Episode 03 - Pelvic Floor Exercise

Dr. Brenda Heinecke

Episode 02 - Changing Hormones

Dr. Brenda Heinecke

Episode 01 - Kegels Do's & Don'ts

Dr. Brenda Heinecke

Episode 00 Introduction Trailer

Dr. Brenda Heinecke