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  • The most common issues that women deal with during their postpartum journey (and beyond)
  • Where to begin after pregnancy and what you should and shouldn't do as a postpartum mama (plus, where to start if you are several months postpartum but having issues)
  • The most effective exercises and tips to help you recover from pregnancy and to eliminate common "mom issues"
  • How to have a healthy, active life after baby without pain, peeing your pants, or weakness


Dr. Brenda Heinecke is the owner and founder of Revitalize Physical Therapy and provides high quality physical therapy and sports performance enhancement. Her passion is helping women get better faster in order to live a healthy active lifestyle for many years.

Dr. Brenda Bio

Dr. Brenda Heinecke Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 


As you probably have guessed, the Postpartum Recovery Course is everything you need to know about recovering from pregnancy and delivery...

For a fraction of the cost it would take anywhere else. And without all of the confusion! 

Registration for this course is open for a limited time only and at a discounted price! 

The Postpartum Recovery Course is an online, step-by-step training course with eight incredible modules that will leave you feeling educated, empowered, and strong. 

While the course allows you to move at your own pace, I have scheduled in some Q&A help sessions and special FB Lives in our exclusive group to help you stay motivated.

Truth is, I have taught this content before at my live, in-person workshops and to hundreds of clients and their results are always incredible! But I also realize that not everyone is able to commit to such a personalized approach due to time and financial constraints. So I wanted to be able to share this same information with you...

In the comfort of your own home! I know that the postpartum phase is challenging for most new moms and to think of doing ONE MORE THING is difficult. So this course is designed so you can work through it at your own pace, on your own time and based on your own issues.

Not only have I recorded all of the information into several short video modules so you can easily watch them anytime during the day (or night), but I also have included handouts for the modules so that you can print the information out and have cheatsheets there to help you.

So let's have a closer look at what you're going to get inside of the course...

Module One: Welcome & Background

  • Have you ever felt confused by all of the advice out there on the internet, from your friends, and from your care providers on what to do after pregnancy and what is considered “normal”?  
  • Hear some real-life stories of clients that I have worked with and also some of the craziest excuses and advice that I have heard 
  • Learn how to navigate these modules in order to learn how to best recover from pregnancy and have the active lifestyle that you want without issues 
  • Take the "Pelvic Health Quiz" to see where you stand currently on your pelvic health
  • Discuss how to use the "Postpartum Recovery Roadmap" as you go through the course
  • Figure out how to complete the course depending what your starting point is  

Module Two: Your Core and Pelvic Floor

  • Learn all the anatomy of the pelvis and core and how all the muscles work together
  • How does pregnancy affect the female anatomy and impact it for function long term
  • Pregnancy hormones are unique and impact the body even long after pregnancy. Learn more about them and how they can contribute to some of the common "mom issues"
  • Learn about the changes that occur during pregnancy and how that changes your body mechanics, your muscles and your function.
  • Take the "Kegel Test" to determine your pelvic floor strength and function  

Module Three: Stop Peeing Your Pants

  • Incontinence is a common issue but is not normal, contrary to what you may have been told
  • Sick of doing kegels and not seeing any results? Learn why kegels are not the only answer and what else you could be doing to stop peeing your pants 
  • Learn the two most common causes of incontinence - pelvic floor weakness and pelvic floor tightness (also known as overactivity) 
  • Get guidance with some basic exercises and tips to help alleviate incontinence  

Module Four: Get Rid of the Mommy Pooch

  • Feeling as if your abdomen is bloated and distended no matter what you do to fix it? This can be from a condition called diastasis recti.
  • Self-assess for a diastasis recti and learn what you need to be aware of and possibly avoid if you have one
  • Learn what you should and shouldn’t do in order to get rid of the mommy pooch 

Module Five: Feeling the Pressure

  • Pelvic organ prolapse is a common issue and can be very debilitating for women, especially during and after pregnancy
  • Similar to diastasis recti, learn what types of things you should and shouldn’t do in order to manage your symptoms
  • Follow our tips in order to return to activity and care for your child without feeling like your lady parts are falling out 

Module Six: Get Back to your Pre-Baby Sex Life

  • Have you ever been dreading return to sex after baby? Or been told to just “have another glass of wine” so that it doesn’t hurt? Sex after baby does NOT need to hurt and it is not something that women have to deal with as part of postpartum
  • Learn the most common causes for pain with sex and here’s a hint, the answer isn’t that things aren’t healed enough yet
  • What are some useful things that you can do at home to help get rid of pain and return to intercourse without pain 

Module Seven: Postpartum Recovery

  • Learn the normal process for postpartum recovery and what is normal to expect 
  • This module is broken down into initial postpartum and >3 months postpartum since there are different goals and tips based on your current stage
  • Follow our advice for initial postpartum recovery after baby to help heal your tissues properly and help you restore function without injury or pain
  • Learn crucial things to avoid in the postpartum stage such as belly binding that can impact your recovery and cause issues for you
  • Understand where to start your postpartum recovery based on where you currently are and be empowered to help your body heal regardless of where you are on your recovery

Module Eight: Postpartum Exercises

  • Understand where to begin your postpartum journey with exercise and follow our step by step timeline for starting back with exercise
  • Follow our advice on how to regain your core and pelvic floor strength safely without causing any harm or damage to your body
  • Utilize our exercise progression timeline for returning to stength training, running, and HIIT
  • Learn some of the common issues postpartum runners have when returning to running after baby and what you can do to resolve those issues
  • Watch our exercise videos to learn how to retrain your core & pelvic floor muscles properly
  • Follow our exercise modification guidelines for core exercises if you have diastasis recti or pelvic organ prolapse so you can feel confident and comfortable in a group class
  • Learn long term solutions for these common issues and how to get healthy and active again 


  • The Pelvic Health Quiz
  • Postpartum Recovery Roadmap
  • Exercise Cheatsheet for Postpartum Modifications
  • The Kegel Test
  • "Mom Issues" Handouts for each module with an overview of information and tips
  • "Revitalize Fit Kit" - Available to the first 20 registrations
  • Postpartum Nutrition Guide - Available to those that register within the first 48 hours

What mamas have been saying about the Postpartum Recovery Course:

What are the differences between the course options?

Revitalize Mama PRO:

BONUS MATERIAL: Workbook & Nutrition Guide

  • Track bladder and bowel habits that can impact some of the common mom issues
  • Learn about any bladder irritants that are contributing to incontinence issues
  • Learn about consipation and how it impacts the common mom issues
  • Follow our recipe guidelines to increase fiber and have healthy function in order to better help you recover in the postpartum period 

BONUS MATERIAL: Exercise Progression Plan

  • Track bladder and bowel habits that can impact some of the common mom issues
  • Learn about any bladder irritants that are contributing to incontinence issues
  • Learn about consipation and how it impacts the common mom issues
  • Follow our recipe guidelines to increase fiber and have healthy function in order to better help you recover in the postpartum period 

Revitalize Mama C-Section:

BONUS MATERIAL: C-section Recovery Guide

  • Learn more about what happens during a Cesarean section and the muscles that are affected
  • Follow our tips on how to safely regain your core strength after a C-section
  • Get guidance on functional activities like lifting your baby without straining your incision

BONUS MODULE: Scar Tissue Mobilization

  • Learn the different types of scar tissue mobilization and how to do them
  • Get a step by step guide on how to perform scar tissue mobilization and progress it
  • Watch the video module to see the hands-on demonstration of scar tissue mobilization

Course Options & Pricing:

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