Revitalize Mama – Postpartum Workout and Prenatal Fitness

Are you a pregnant or postpartum mama? Are you uncertain which exercises are safe for your body and the changes it is going through? Do you struggle to find time to incorporate a prenatal or postpartum workout during the day or find it hard to keep your little one(s) occupied while you workout? Then the Revitalize Mama class is the perfect exercise class for you!

postpartum workout physical therapy

Revitalize Mama is taught by a physical therapist who specializes in the treatment of pregnant and postpartum women. Your instructor will guide you through a workout that will be safe for your body yet challenging enough to help your body stay strong and recover properly. It incorporates multiple stages of motherhood: this can be your prenatal fitness plan as well as your postpartum workout routine. Plus, we will provide options to modify all movements to best suit your needs. Because of the small group setting we can spend more time fine-tuning the technique of exercise with you to help you stay injury-free. 

In this class we will focus on gentle strengthening and stretching to help your body tolerate the ongoing changes that occur during pregnancy as well as support your body to heal properly postpartum. This class is a great place to meet and connect with other women in the same stage of life as you. 

The best part is that you can bring your little ones with you to class! We will incorporate them into the workout, they can play by your side, or they are welcome to take a nap, too!

Join this class at any point during your pregnancy or postpartum recovery! You can even enjoy 50% off your first exercise class to give the class a try and see what you think!

Sign up in advance for class here. We look forward to working out with you soon!

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