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Our unique program was designed to address the mechanical, chemical and nutritional imbalances that are affecting your fertility using research-based techniques.  This non-invasive, gentle approach to enhancing your fertility can be done by itself or in conjunction with other fertility treatments.

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Prenatal Care:

We know how exciting this time is for you and how you are hoping for a smooth pregnancy and delivery! Let us help you make that happen! We have been blazing the trail in prenatal care with our research-driven approach for a smooth delivery with less trauma, C-section risk, pushing, and a better recovery.

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Postnatal Care:

 After going through all those changes and hard work to grow and deliver your baby, your body could likely use a little bit of help to recover. We can help you get back to the activities you used to do (without worrying about leaking, pain or “mommy tummy”).

15-Minute Phone Consultation

Have questions before you book your appointment? Not sure if pelvic floor physical therapy will work? Talk to one of our doctor's first before you schedule an evaluation.

In-Person Initial Consultation

Unsure if we will be the best fit for you and want to know what it would take to get better? Apply for an initial consultation to discuss your issues, have them assessed and then receive a treatment plan.

Schedule a Full Evaluation

Are you tired of dealing with pain or embarrassment due to a continual issue? Are you ready to treat it immediately? Schedule a full evaluation with one of our Physical Therapists to get started right away.

See what other women have to say about Revitalize...

"Dr. Brenda and her staff are wonderful. I saw her after the birth of my first, while pregnant with my second (15 month apart!). She helped address lingering issues from my first birth which I believe helped make my second birth a much more positive experience. She helped me learn more about my body and how to care for it and is able to have discusssions about difficult topics with tact, poise, and humor. She explains everything thoroughly before taking any action and is extremely knowledgeable about pelvic floor physical therapy. When I was going through therapy she was taking a class and we had many great discussions about the new things she was learning. I love how open she is to learning new things. Whatever you’ve got going on, I’m sure Dr. Brenda can help more than you ever thought possible!"

- Aubrey T.