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Our small-group training classes are perfect for the woman who isn’t sure what the best exercises are for her to do and not do and is worried about getting injured in other large-group settings.  We have created these exercise classes so they are personalized to your starting place and can also be modified for any limitations you may have. If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place!

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Strength & Function

This low-impact, whole body strengthening class utilizes a variety of bodyweight and equipment-based exercises. These functional exercises are appropriate for any fitness level and can be modified based on any limitations you may have. Each class has an emphasis on posture, mobility, and strength for everyday activities.

gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga

Our gentle approach to yoga incorporates therapeutic principles with basic yoga poses that are modifiable based on any limitations or injuries you may have. There is a focus on proper alignment and breathing techniques while improving strength, mobility, and balance in each class.

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Pilates Reformer

This equipment class uses a moving platform and springs for resistance that is low impact and easy on the joints. Your muscles will strengthen eccentrically (aka while lengthening) and every move works the core! This class is very modifiable, appropriate for all levels and great for those looking to strengthen, improve core strength and address muscle imbalances.


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Class Policies & Rates

Reserve your spot for class using the schedule below. Drop-ins are welcome but please note that classes are subject to change or cancellation if there are no reservations. We do ask for 24 hour notice if you must cancel a reservation.

Single Drop-In Class = $30
4-Pack = $27/class ($108)
8-Pack = $24/class ($192)
12-Pack = $21/class ($252)

Single Drop-In Class = $21
4-pack = $19/class ($76)
8-pack = $17/class ($136)
12-pack = $15/class ($180)

All packages expire in 6 months.

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