Hear what our clients have to say about their experience at Revitalize!

"I can't thank Dr. Brenda enough for her help. After my first baby was born earlier this year, I wasn't able to do a lot of the things I used to do. I thought that some of the pain and discomfort was just a normal part of being a mom. When it didn't go away, I decided to get some help after reading an article in the Milwaukee Mom's Blog. I am so glad I did!

Dr. Brenda provided pelvic floor therapy and also provided me with exercises to do at home to keep up the progress. She is so comfortable to be around during what is admittedly kind of an awkward situation! And sometimes I had to bring my little one along to my sessions which was no big deal. The office staff is friendly and accommodating and they have a couple locations to make things easier for you.

Don't suffer with pain and discomfort after pregnancy! You CAN get better! I will definitely go back during my next pregnancy because she can help prepare for birth as well!"

- Vicki D.


"I have been a patient twice postpartum and highly recommend both Dr. Brenda and Dr. Jen. They have truly gone above and beyond what I ever expected out of a physical therapy experience. They each have taken time to get to know me and what is important to me and my goals for the therapy. I am confident each time I leave, that I know what is the next step for my recovery plan!"

- Sarah R.


"Revitalize Physical Therapy is an amazing clinic, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Jen are both fantastic and helped me with pelvic floor PT following the birth of my baby. I can't say enough kind words, they have helped me so much and I am so appreciative. I only wish I had come in sooner. If you are a momma struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction or pain post partum, I encourage you to consult with Revitalize. They will help to get you feeling like yourself again and offer great package deals to help keep care more affordable. Thank you Revitalize!"

- Rebecca D.


"For the past two years, I have been fighting horrible hip pain following the birth of my first child. I was finally in the process of getting the pain under control when I became pregnant with my second child. Within a month, I was having hip pain again. On a recommendation, I went and saw Brenda at Revitalize. One visit! One visit she was able to get me feeling 90% better. Pain that I thought was directly related to my hips was tied to my pelvic floor. I have been now seeing her for over four months and every visit is worth it. It has made this pregnancy way more manageable and even, dare I say, pain-free! I wish more women knew what Pelvic Physical Therapy could do for them. I wholeheartedly would recommend Revitalize Physical Therapy."

- Briony


"Dr. Brenda has been a miracle worker in diagnosing and helping me to recover from a biceps injury. She is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and gentle, not to mention her warm and captivating personality. Her gym/office is an inviting, beautiful, peaceful place where she works miracles. Her staff is welcoming and professional. I would not hesitate to send anyone to her! I love working with Dr. Brenda!"

- Pamela M.