NEW Revitalize Physical Therapy Virtual Clinics

At Revitalize Physical Therapy, we believe that every woman should have access to pelvic floor physical therapy in order to address their issues.  But sometimes, it is difficult to have access to physical therapy in person. Perhaps you live far away from our clinic or don’t have the time to drive to our clinic often.  Or it’s difficult (and not to mention costly) to find a babysitter for your kiddos. It’s also a little difficult to see a physical therapist during a global pandemic when practicing social distancing! This is why we have launched our virtual clinics in order to best serve women however they need it!

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The Sexual Health Clinic

If you suffer at all from painful sex, scar tissue from childbirth or surgery, difficulty achieving orgasm or painful orgasm, decreased libido, and/or vaginal drynness, you can find relief from our Sexual Health Clinic.  During your online sessions, we will give you a personal recovery blueprint, provide tools and strategies to ease your pain, and help you enjoy your sexual experiences again.

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The Leaky Bladder Clinic

Our Leaky Bladder Clinic will help women who experience leaking with coughing, sneezing, running or jumping, sudden urge that cause you to run to the bathroom quickly and frequently, or difficulty fully emptying your bladder.  During your online sessions, you will receive a personal recovery blueprint, learn the underlying root cause of your issue, get tools and strategies for resolving your issues and help you return to all the activities you enjoy without embarrassing bladder issues!  

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The Hormone Balancing Clinic


If you have been noticing hormone fluctuations wreaking havoc on your quality of life, learn what to do to naturally help balance your hormones.  This can help you sleep better, think better, feel better physically and have less “lady issues.”

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How do online telehealth physical therapy sessions work?

Our virtual clinics are a form of “telehealth” which essentially is physical therapy performed over a secure, online video platform rather than in-person.  This allows for the most personalized approach for assessment and treatment and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

During these telehealth sessions, your physical therapist is able to assess your issues, determine what limitations are contributing to them and provide ways to get you better. So much of what we do to fix your issues includes problem solving and education (even if you’ve never realized it).  Often times, they will teach you how to do certain exercises or self-release techniques to help as well as tools and strategies to help resolve your issues.

Most people will do their sessions in the comfort of their own home. This is a great benefit of telehealth because you tend to be most comfortable and relaxed in your home environment which can help progress your care.  It also means that you don’t have to spend time driving to a clinic or finding a babysitter which is much more convenient for most people!  We also realize that there are a lot of people who want to work with us to get better but live pretty far away that regular in-person appointments are just not feasible.  Telehealth provides them access to care that they may not otherwise be able to get.

Want to see if the virtual clinic would work for you?

Schedule your FREE 15 minute virtual consultation to learn more about it and to see if you would benefit from this