What to Expect at Your First Barre Class

Ready to feel the burn? But still want to be able to walk the next day? Come meet us at the “Barre” for Barre class on Tuesday or Thursday nights and Saturday mornings at Revitalize Physical Therapy in Hales Corners!

What to Expect at Your First Barre Class

This week I had the pleasure of attending my first barre class and I will definitely be back! I got in a great total body strengthening workout in just 60 minutes alongside a fantastic group of women whose enthusiasm helped distract me from how much my quads and calves were burning!

With Dr. Brenda Heinecke’s expertise as a doctor of physical therapy she takes her class to the next level, modifying along the way to meet the needs of each participant in the class. With her warm and welcoming demeanor any hesitations you have instantly melt away.

Barre is a total body work out that combines elements of ballet with functional movements to stretch and strengthen the body. However, no ballet or dance experience is required. Don’t be concerned if you have no idea what the difference is between first and third position, or if plié sounds more like a type of pastry than an exercise! I have not worn a tutu since I was in kindergarten and was able to follow along just fine.

This class is perfect for individuals of all ages and levels of experience looking to gain strength and flexibility. Dr. Brenda’s guidance along the way ensures an attainable challenge as well as a solid workout. The low-impact nature of the class makes it safe on your joints while still working your muscles.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one, otherwise Revitalize PT has a few on hand that you can use. Some participants prefer to wear sticky socks, but you are welcome to use regular socks or be barefoot as well. Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in like yoga pants or leggings and a fitted tank or t-shirt. This will help Dr. Brenda see your alignment and help you exercise in an optimal position.

Dr. Brenda will provide you with a looped resistance band, a small exercise ball, and 1-3 pound hand weights that you will use throughout the class. These tools may not look like much at first glance, but they help crank up the intensity and keep your core engaged throughout the class. The wonderful thing about the band, exercise ball, and hand weights is that they allow for different variations of the same exercise. You choose how much and how often you incorporate them. This allows you to control the challenge throughout the class, ensuring you to get “your best class.”

Class typically starts with a warm-up that gets your heart pumping and muscles warm. Next you often come to the barre where you work primarily on strengthening the glutes, legs and calves. It is all about proper form, positioning, and alignment. Some of the movements may seem very small, but these small movements allow you to train key stabilizing muscles that help support your back and body. Then a quick series of upper body exercises helps strengthen and lengthen the muscles of your arms. The class wraps up with a cool down of stretches to stretch out the body and all of the muscles that you just worked. You leave feeling both accomplished and invigorated!

Lauryn BeecherLauryn Beecher, SPT, RYT, CPT began her journey with Physical Therapy with the desire to help individuals move, be active, and enjoy their lives to the fullest potential without pain or limitation. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science and Spanish, this desire brought her to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue her doctoral degree in physical therapy at Mount Saint Mary’s University. She has melded her interests in movement and physical activity with her passion for helping women by pursuing additional coursework and experience in the treatment of female pelvic pain, incontinence, and pregnancy/postpartum related conditions. This brought her back home to Milwaukee and Revitalize PT as part of her clinical education! Lauryn takes a holistic approach to care by bringing her knowledge of yoga and mindfulness into her clinical practice. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and assisting women of all ages and backgrounds in improving their quality of life. She has enjoyed spending 3 months with Revitalize PT for her clinical rotation!

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