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6 Easy Solutions For Your Lady Issues

(beyond surgery or kegels)

Are you tired of peeing your pants, dealing with painful intercourse, worrying about your weak or bulging core, or feeling like things just aren't right "down there"?  Download our guide for six easy steps you can implement right now. Get started on the path to finally resolving your issues!

"I am beyond amazed at how much this therapy has helped a hip and back problem that I thought was untreatable. I have had back pain for over 3 years since I’ve had my daughter and after the first session with Dr. Brenda, the pain disappeared and hasn’t come back, even after 10+ mile long runs and hikes. In a lot of ways, I feel like my old pre-baby self for the first time in years."

- Carolynn G.

"When getting pelvic floor physical therapy at Revitalize Physical Therapy, I was treated with gentle care, questions were freely explained and answered and the therapy definitely helped. I had had a C-Section 24 years earlier. The scar tissue was taken care of and exercises were given which have left me feeling stronger in the pelvic area than I had for years."

- Sharon T.

Prenatal Care

Are you currently pregnant or planning to add to your family soon?  We are specialized in prenatal care to help you have a pain-free pregnancy, an easier delivery, faster recovery, and less complications.

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Postpartum Care

Whether you're a few weeks or several years postpartum, we can help you return to an active lifestyle without pain or risk of injury. We focus on treating issues like pelvic pain, abdominal weakness, and low back pain so that you can do what you love.

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You don't have to feel embarrassed or worried anymore about leaking urine while playing with your kids or being active!  We have the solution for you so you can have a healthy, active life without wearing bulky pads, taking pills, or having surgery.

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Pregnancy Research Study

This research study is on the effects of pelvic floor physical therapy during pregnancy and how that may potentially impact delivery outcomes and recovery

We noticed a trend over the years with our patients that we worked with during pregnancy and saw they seemed to have less trauma, less tearing, less C-section risk and better recoveries.  However, this has never been formally studied so we are taking applications to be part of this study to determine if there are any potential benefits.