Embarrassed that you have to bring a change of clothes with you anywhere you go?
Worried that your can’t jump on the trampoline with you kids?
Tired of running to the bathroom during your workout?

Luckily you don’t need to suffer incontinence anymore! We help women stop suffering and get back to an active lifestyle without needing bulky pads, expensive surgery, or doing hundreds of kegels.

Ready to throw those panty liners out? Just follow the 3 steps below:

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Step 1:

Improve your knowledge of what is causing your incontinence.

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Step 2:

If you haven’t already, make sure you download our FREE guide on fixing your incontinence.


Step 3:

Schedule your private, no-pressure, FREE consultation to determine your game plan in order to be active again.

"Dr. Brenda helped me put a stop to my urinary incontinence!  I have 3 kids and have had problems when coughing or sneezing for years!  She made me feel comfortable during the exam and explained everything she was doing and why.  She gave me simple but challenging exercises to do and I was cured in only 10 visits over a 4 month period!  I can’t thank Dr. Brenda enough for how greatly improved my quality of life is now.  I know if I continue my exercises I will never have to worry about incontinence again.  I learned that incontinence is never normal.  You should get help sooner rather than later if you have this because there is wonderful help close by!" -Rebecca M.