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Healthy Pelvic Floor Workshop

Wednesday, February 12 at 7 PM

Wauwatosa Location

Cost: $20

Did you know that the following issues are all signs of an unhealthy pelvic floor?

  • leaking when you laugh/cough/run/jump/sneeze
  • weak core or Diastasis Recti
  • painful sex
  • pelvic pain or pressure
  • prolapse
  • low back pain or SI pain

While all of these are common issues for women (especially after having kids), they're not actually normal, and we shouldn't just have to deal with them.

Join us for our Healthy Pelvic Floor Workshop as Dr. Brenda Heinecke from Revitalize Physical Therapy talks all about these common (but not normal!) pelvic floor dysfunctions and how to improve them. During the event, she'll chat about:

  • Anatomy of the pelvic floor and why your it is an essential component to your core
  • The most common dysfunctions of the pelvic floor
  • How to avoid or alleviate incontinence, back pain, painful intercourse, and more
  • Specific exercises and tips to have a healthy pelvic floor long-term

The pelvic floor is often overlooked, downplayed, and ignored. However, it is vital for the body's function and can become problematic in many women. Dr. Brenda will teach you why we need to give our pelvic floors some attention, how to overcome pain, discomfort, or embarrassing issues and have a healthy pelvic floor long-term.

Attendees will receive a Pelvic Floor Workbook, complete with pelvic health tips and a beginning exercise program.

Spaces are limited, so register now!

The Better Sex Event

Wednesday, March 18 at 6 PM

Hales Corners Location

Cost: $25 General, $40 VIP

Over 50% of women experience some form of sexual dysfunction in their life such as painful intercourse, decreased libido, or issues with orgasm. Rarely are these issues talked about. And when women do speak up, they are told that it is in their head, or they need to have another glass of wine and just relax more.

Join Dr. Brenda Heinecke, PT, DPT, CSCS, for a night of candid conversation about the most common “sex issues”, why they happen and what you can do to have better sex, through the different stages of your life.

At the event, we'll have:

There are two tickets types available:

  • $25 General Admission (includes appetizers, drinks, admission to the vendor expo, a swag bag, and 2 raffle tickets to win prizes from our sponsors)
  • $40 VIP Admission (includes 5 raffle tickets, appetizers, drinks, a special VIP swag bag, admission to the vendor exp, and a coupon for a FREE pelvic floor assessment)

We have a limited number of tickets available, so register now!