Do you feel like you’re missing out because you stay in bed?
Have you been avoiding preventative pelvic exams and having sex because of pain?
Worried that you’ll never be as active as you once were?

Pelvic Pain Solutions

Pelvic pain is a very broad term used to describe pain at and around the area of the pelvis. This includes all of the surrounding anatomy also! More importantly, the reasons for pelvic pain can be multifaceted and complicated. Did you know that 1 in 7 American Women (ages 18-50) experience pelvic pain?

The top cause for pelvic pain is pelvic floor muscle tightness or weakness due to all of their attachments! Pelvic floor muscles attach from the front of the pelvis (at the pubic symphysis) and swoop all the way back to the coccyx (or tailbone). These muscles also have connective tissue connections to the abdomen! Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy provides pelvic pain solutions beyond "doing kegels".

Worried That You’ll Never be as Active as You Once Were?

Pelvic pain can severely limit your activity and exercise ability, especially when you only get relief from laying down. Luckily, we can help restore movement, and help you be a more active participant in your life. No more fear of missing out or avoiding all things “fun” because of pain!

Ready to move again without pain? Just follow the 3 steps below:

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Step 1:

Improve your knowledge on the causes of your pelvic pain.

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Schedule your private, no charge consultation to determine your game plan in order to be active again.