What is the Sports Analysis Lab?

Our goal is to help athletes resolve injuries quickly and perform without pain.  From our experience, the vast majority of sports injuries are related to how and why you are moving.  Having muscle imbalances or restrictions can affect your movement during sport, leading to injury over time.   These movements can be subtle and often times, unable to be seen with the naked eye. 

 We use slow motion video analysis and thorough evaluation to assess body mechanics, muscle activation patterns and sport-specific movements in order to better identify imbalances, physical limitations and muscle weaknesses.  This allows us to get to the root cause of your injury in order to get you better, faster.

 Athletes of any level can benefit from this technology especially female athletes since women have unique changes within their anatomy and body mechanics throughout their life. These are often overlooked and our unique knowledge base allows us to help female athletes in a capacity that hasn’t been done before.

How does it work?

  1. Comprehensive evaluation to look at muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and impairments or limitations
  2. Record the sport skill on video at different angles
  3. Analyze the video in slow motion using a specialized software to identify movement dysfunctions and imbalances that are contributing to pain or increases the risk for injury
  4. Receive a thorough report of findings from the evaluation and analysis and what the cause of your issues are
  5. Work with the physical therapist to resolve these issues and eliminate imbalances and limitations for long term success

Slow Motion Video Analysis

Running  -  Golf  -  Cycling  -  Baseball

Why have a video analysis done?

  • Alleviate pain during or after your sport
  • Enhance sport performance by increasing power or speed
  • Capture muscle imbalances and body mechanical faults not visible in real time speed
  • Address alignment issues

How does it work?

  • Comprehensive evaluation to look at muscle strength, flexibility and coordination
  • Record the sport skill with a camera
  • Analyze in slow motion using a specialized software and identify key points
  • Receive a thorough report of factors addressed and solutions
  • Option to work with a physical therapist to maximize performance from indicated factors

Sport Specific Training

Each sport is different with the types of movements that you perform, the positions your body must work in, and the demands on the body.  If you want to optimize performance and prevent injury, you need to train correctly!  Sport specific training is a training plan designed for the phase of competition and incorporates exercises that work specifically for your sport and to avoid injury.

Why come to Revitalize Physical Therapy?

  • Our Doctor of Physical Therapy designs training plans specific to the demands of your sport and phase of competition
  • Most training plans focus solely on cardio endurance but our approach focuses on strength training to improve power, endurance and prevent injuries
  • We have extensive experience working with extreme athletes and less mainstream sports such as motocross, cycling, skiing, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, wakeboarding, baseball, running, golf, and snowboarding.

How does it work?

  • Comprehensive evaluation is performed virtually to assess strength, mobility, imbalances, and coordination
  • A training plan is designed for you that addresses any limitations you may have and to maximize sport performance
  • Access to your training plan is through our membership portal so you can access it at anytime

Physical Therapy

Struggling to perform your sport due to pain and mobility restrictions?  We are experts in treating sports injuries and our hands-on, personalized approach to treatment will get you better, faster.

Cup Therapy

Get rid of pain and tight muscles quickly with a Cupping Massage. This ancient method helps release tension within the muscles and connective tissue, allowing you to move better with less pain.  This also enhances an athlete's sport performance.

Ready to get better, faster?

We want to help you have a healthy, active life without pain, pills or surgery.  If you're still not sure if we can help you, let us show you.  Inquire now about how we can help you get better, faster.